Photograph Variables
Sample Date: Date water sample was collected
Salinity in psu: Salinity of water sample
Station: Descriptive location where water sample was collected
Latitude: North/South decimal coordinate of sample location, when available
Longitude: East/West decimal coordinate of sample location, when available
Depth in Meters: Water depth at which the sample was collected; 0 = surface
Microscope Magnification: Magnification at which the organism was photographed
Camera Zoom: In some instances cell features could be further magnified beyond the microscope magnification by using the camera's digital zoom. Although this number is not calibrated to the microscope magnification, it is an indicator to the Guide user that the photograph is shown slightly more magnified. A value of 1.00 X indicates that no digital zoom was used.
Organism Size: Cell size measurements as determined using ocular micrometers, reported in microns. Width and length reported where possible, sometimes with descriptive text when necessary for clarification
Microscope Light: Microscope lighting used for photography. Values are: Epi-fluorescence = epi-fluorescent microscope equipped with mercury bulb, sample on polycarbonate filters (can sometimes see the round pores in the photograph) mounted on glass slides. Transmitted = standard incandescent bulb illuminating the sample from below (sample on polycarbonate filters mounted on glass slides) or illuminating from above (inverted microscope, sample in settling chamber). DIC (Differential Interference Contrast) = transmitted light from below the stage traveling through the appropriate filters and prisms that result in DIC clarity
Preservative: Values are: Gluteraldehyde, Lugols, or None (Live)