We would like to thank members of the LUMCON Phytoplankton Group whose observations on species presence and characteristics contributed to the compilation of the in-house species list on which this Guide is based. In particular we would like to thank Drs. Quay Dortch and Mike Parsons, who initiated and organized the effort, contributed the bulk of the initial identifications, and created the original photograph catalog using a film camera microscope attachment.

We would also like to thank the numerous agencies since 1989 that funded the research programs that provided the foundation upon which the knowledge in this Guide was built:

The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, Coastal Ocean Program and Center for Sponsored Coastal Ocean Research, NECOP, NGOMEX and MULTISTRESS programs; Louisiana Board of Regents Education Quality Support Fund; Louisiana Sea Grant College Program; Jefferson Parish, Louisiana, EMPACT project; National Science Foundation, OCE, LIMITS project; U.S. Minerals Management Service, LATEX-B program; U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, Gulf of Mexico Program; NOAA National Undersea Research Program; Lake Pontchartrain Basin Foundation; National Science Foundation, Small Grants for Exploratory Research.