Ceratium cf. lineatum
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Taxonomic Group: Dinoflagellate
Trophic Status: Autotrophic
Size Range: 26.6-32.5 μm wide x 129.2-175 μm long (LUMCON Guide); 25-45 μm wide x 30-60 μm long (Dodge 1982)
Key Characteristics: Rather delicate cell, with triangular epitheca sharply transitioning into a fairly long apical horn; two unequal hypothecal horns which are straight but slightly divergent; theca with pores and linear markings
Confused With: Ceratium hircus, which has two even hypothecal horns; Ceratium furca, which is more robust and has two uneven serrated hypothecal horns; Ceratium pentagonum, which has a more pentagonal body that abruptly forms apical horn and very short posterior horns
Toxin: None known