Ceratium furca
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Cerat_fu1.jpg Cerat_fu2.jpg dscn5726.jpg
Taxonomic Group: Dinoflagellate
Trophic Status: Autotrophic
Size Range: 52-55 μm wide x 279-330 μm long (LUMCON Guide); 30-50 μm wide x 70-100 μm long (Dodge 1982, Horner 2002); 26-42 μm wide x 194-276 μm long (Steidinger & Williams 1970)
Key Characteristics: Two uneven serrated hypothecal horns, one very robust; epitheca gradually tapers into apical horn
Confused With: Ceratium hircus, which has two even hypothecal horns; Ceratium pentagonum, which has a more pentagonal body that abruptly forms apical horn and very short posterior horns; Ceratium cf. lineatum, which is more delicate, and has a triangular epitheca that sharply transitions into a fairly long apical horn
Toxin: None known