Dinophysis acuminata
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Taxonomic Group: Dinoflagellate
Trophic Status: Autotrophic
Size Range: 34.2-47.5 μm wide x 41.8-57.5 μm long (LUMCON Guide); 38-58 μm long (Dodge 1982); 30-35 μm wide x 38-50 μm long (Horner 2002)
Key Characteristics: Cell more or less oval with rounded posterior, sometimes with small antapical protuberances on the hypotheca; cell length slightly greater than width; left sulcal list supported by three ribs and extending down slightly over half the length of the cell; thecal surface areolate; chloroplasts present but food vacuoles have also been observed so mixotrophy might also occur
Confused With: Dinophysis ovum, which has a length to width ratio closer to 1, and thus a rounder body with widest diameter right at the middle of the cell; also, the sulcal list of D. ovum extends to less than or equal to the mid length of the cell; also could be confused with select other species of Dinophysis; see p. 429 in Tomas 1997 for details
Toxin: Okadaic acid