Cylindrospermopsis raciborskii
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Taxonomic Group: Cyanobacteria
Trophic Status: Autotrophic
Size Range: N/A
Key Characteristics: Chains usually 3-10 cells only, with terminal cone- or triangular-shaped heterocytes; if akinetes are present, they are almost always adjacent to the heterocytes; if akinetes are observed in the middle of a chain, it is most likely Raphidiopsis curvata (see below); if terminal heterocytes are missing, it is extremely difficult to distinguish from Raphidiopsis curvata
Confused With: Raphidiopsis curvata, which also has chains of 3-10 cells, but only have vegetative cells and akinetes (always present in the middle of the chain, never on the end) and no heterocytes; we might also be accidentally including Cylindrospermum species, which also have terminal heterocytes, but that are more rounded
Toxin: Anatoxins, cylindrospermopsin, saxitoxins