Chaetoceros peruvianus

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Taxonomic Group:Diatom
Trophic Status:Autotrophic
Size Range:9.5-12.5 μm wide (LUMCON Guide); 16-32 μm wide (Cupp 1943); 10-32 μm wide (Tomas 1997)
Key Characteristics:Setae of upper valve arising from near center, turning sharply and running backward in more or less wide outwardly convex curves after short basal region; setae of lower valve originating inside valve margin more nearly parallel to chain axis than those of upper valve; setae with strong spines; many small chloroplasts, found far out into the setae
Confused With:Chaetoceros pendulus, which has setae on upper valve arising more from the corners than from near center
Toxin:None known