Chaetoceros laciniosus

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Taxonomic Group:Diatom
Trophic Status:Autotrophic
Size Range:10-28 μm wide (Cupp 1943); 10-42 μm wide (Horner 2002); 9-31 μm wide (Rines & Hargraves 1988); 9-42 μm wide (Tomas 1997)
Key Characteristics:Cells do not touch, apertures very large; setae thin, arising inside valve margin, crossing at chain margin, then perpendicular to chain axis; terminal setae long and thick, somewhat parallel to chain axis and sometimes crossed; usually two chloroplasts, but not always
Confused With:Closely related to Chaetoceros brevis, which has only one chloroplast and more delicate and loose chains
Toxin:None known