Rhizosolenia imbricata

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Taxonomic Group:Diatom
Trophic Status:Autotrophic
Size Range:24.7-35 μm wide x 218.5-400 μm long (LUMCON Guide); 12-18 μm wide (Cupp 1943); 2.5-57 μm wide (Tomas 1997)
Key Characteristics:Cells elongate and conical with an external process on each end of the valve; process swollen at the base then narrowing abruptly into a distal tube; cells single or in chains; chloroplasts small and numerous
Confused With:Other Rhizosolenia species; many of the features necessary for the identification in this genus are not easily observed with standard light microscopy, so our i.d. of this species is tentative
Toxin:None known