Karenia selliformis

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Taxonomic Group:Dinoflagellate
Trophic Status:Autotrophic
Size Range:19-28.5 μm wide x 19-26.6 μm long (LUMCON Guide); 16-30 μm wide x 20-30 μm long (Haywood et. al. 2004)
Key Characteristics:Epitheca flattened or slightly conical and generally smaller than hypotheca; hypotheca centrally excavated, bilobed, and either saddle-shaped or rounded; nucleus is oval to elliptical to elongated reniform and occupies most of the upper middle hypotheca; several peripheral reniform chloroplasts (Haywood et al. 2004)
Confused With:Karenia mikimotoi, which has a more slightly excavated hypotheca and a nucleus that is located in the left hypotheca