Dactyliosolen fragilissimus

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Taxonomic Group:Diatom
Trophic Status:Autotrophic
Size Range:11.4-20.9 μm wide x 28.5-110 μm long (LUMCON Guide); 12-20 μm wide x 42-67 μm long (Cupp 1943, Horner 2002); 8-70 μm wide x 42-300 μm long (Tomas 1997)
Key Characteristics:Cylindrical cells with rounded ends, usually in short loose chains; small spine in center of valve fits into depression in adjacent cell; numerous small chloroplasts distributed over entire cell
Confused With:At first glance, with Cerataulina pelagica, but closer examination of a terminal cell will show the small spine in the center of the valve instead of the two marginal horns in C. pelagica, which also tends to form tighter chains
Toxin:None known